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The Secret Codes

Each section in 'Welcome to the Web' has a quiz at the end. If you get all of the quiz answers correct, a secret code will be revealed. You will need this code when you try the "The Challenge".

Where do you record the Secret Codes?

There is a Secret Code sheet to help you to keep the codes safe. Click on the button below and print the page that appears.

Secret Code Sheet
(If you are not sure how to print pages, ask your parent or teacher)

When you finish each quiz, write the code in the correct space on the Secret Code sheet. The sheet will tell you which codes to use in 'The Challenge', later on.

How do you answer the quizzes?

1) Read each question.

2) Click on the ANSWER BOX, and choose your answer by clicking on it.

3) Answer all of the questions and then click on "Check Answers".

4) If you got all of the answers correct, a secret code will be revealed. If you've got some wrong, try again.

Try this quiz and see if you can reveal the secret code....

Quiz - The Beginning
1) How many legs does a dog have?
2) How many legs does a spider have?
3) How many legs do people have?

Your Score is and the Secret Code is
Write this secret code on your Secret Code sheet
in the box next to CODE 1.

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