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Well done! You found the correct number.

Let's try something different now... copying from web pages.

How can you copy things which you have found?

This is very easy, because computers let you copy text and pictures from web sites so that you can use them in your own work. Let's find out how to copy text first...

Copying Text

Your computer has lots of memory which it uses to remember things.
One very special part of this memory is called the Clipboard Hover your mouse over this word to get more information!.
You can use the clipboard to store text and other important things.

How can you copy text into the Clipboard?

Try copying the text in the GREEN box below into the Clipboard by following the instructions underneath it...

This is the text that I am going to copy into the Clipboard.

1) Move your mouse pointer to the start of the sentence above. Click and HOLD down the left button.

2) While you are still holding the button down, move the mouse to the end of the sentence. When you are at the end of the sentence you can let go of the button.
3) Now the text should be highlighted. Click on EDIT on the menu at the top of the screen and choose COPY. The text will now be copied into the Clipboard.
4) Now you can test to see if you copied it correctly. Click inside the box on the right. Then click on EDIT on the menu and choose PASTE. Your computer should copy the sentence above from the Clipboard into the box.

Make sure you can remember how to copy things, so that you can try the activity on the following page.

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